What is a global shopper?

Global shopper

[gloh-buh shop-er]

A person who considers shopping as a fundamental part of their travel experience; “global shoppers are the sixth continent for the retail industry
A fast-growing market segment worth over 1.245 billion $ worldwide in 2014 (UNTWO, 2015); “global shopper economy has boomed along with international air traffic









What do Global Shoppers search for in their shopping experiences abroad?

  • Exclusive experiences on the point-of-sale
  • New product launches
  • Good prices on high-end goods
  • Tailored products and adapted communication

What do Global Shoppers buy?

  • 50% of purchases are related to fashion and clothing
  • 17% of purchases are related to jewellery and watches [1]

[1] Global Blue study, 2015

Which Nationalities lead the top of Global Shoppers?

China and Russia are the top countries of origin for global shoppers, with Chinese global shoppers accounting for almost one third of all Duty Free Shopping spend (Global Blue study, 2015).

Where do global shoppers buy?

  • Airports Duty- Free Shopping 75% 75%
  • Department Stores 70% 70%
  • Luxury brands’ stores 62% 62%
  • Down-town perfumeries 55% 55%